Enter the BUCKETBALL™ Experience

What is BucketBall™?

BucketBall™ is the ultimate beach, poolside, backyard, camping, tailgating, and outdoor game for ages 6 and older. BucketBall™ is played like beer pong but on a larger scale and is family friendly. Whether at home with family and friends or heading to the beach or social event, let BucketBall™ provide the fun!

On the Go?

BucketBall™ is portable, lightweight and convenient. BucketBall™ weighs less than 6 pounds and takes up less than 2 cubic feet of space. The custom tote bag makes it portable and convenient to take anywhere you want to go.

Great Customers Remarks

Bucketball! Set came in a timely manner. Nice bag to transport the game around in. I recommend this game to anyone who like's outdoor BBQ or beach games and work well with young kids also!!"


Tailgate Game of Choice! Game has been great fun tailgating at NASCAR and football events here in Florida. Easy carry and durable too."


A Must Get Outdoor Game! A hit at the beach and at the pool. Made from high quality materials with a great carry system. I would highly recommend this game, fun for all ages."

Tom DeFalcon

Perfect beach game! This game is *perfect!* ...Everyone in my friend group has a set, and it's become a go-to housewarming & birthday gift!"


Family Fun-All ages!! Great family/larger group activity for all ages. We had SO much fun playing this on the beach and by the pool/on our deck...easy to take anywhere!"


Fun! This was super fun and worked really well for our summer party. Has a great little carry case. Great addition to our yard games."


Bucketball is versatile and fun! Bucketball is a versatile game that can be played at backyard barbecue or on the beach!!! All of my friends enjoy playing it."


Such an awesome game for the beach! Such an awesome game for the beach, tailgating, or any time you're out with your friends. The packaging makes it easy to carry anywhere. We love this product!!"

Justin Reidelbach

Great game for backyards! Delivered early and everything was as explained in information. Great game for backyards, beach, barbecues, parks..."

Terri Thompson

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