The BucketBall Team

BucketBall Team Picture



Trevor Arndt

Trevor Arndt: Fulfillment Specialist

Responsible for your in house shipments: I can ensure you will always get you BucketBall orders on time, if not early. Need a special order, then I am your guy. Want an incognito set as a gift for your friends or family, I can handle that too.

David Reed

David Reed: Marketing Specialist 

Greatest BucketBall Memory - It was a one vs. one against a friend who is very competitive to say the least. We were in the last game of a best of three series. The game started great for me and I hit the first two shots and got balls back. At this point there was a large amount of trash talking and celebrating occurring on my side of the playing field.  I then hit one more shot on my next set of throws giving me a three bucket lead.  At this point I felt as if the game was almost over and I had sealed my win. Next thing I know my friend hits the next five shots he takes and is now one bucket from winning. I was able to hit two more shots and scrap my way back into the game and even it up. After a long stalemate of misses the game was finished when my opponent bounced the ball off of a bucket that was out of play and into the last bucket. 

Brandon Spady

Brandon Spady: Founder and Owner 

Having fun is what it's all about! We love that BucketBall brings fun and excitement into people's lives.  I am so proud of our team and what they have accomplished.  They work hard and smart everyday and I am glad to be on this journey with them.