About Us

Tailgating Sports, LLC was founded in 2014 by destined entrepreneurs Brandon Spady and David Jenkins. Both are professional mechanical engineers from Virginia Tech. Brandon is the visionary of BucketBall™ and is an accomplished web programmer and product designer, as well as creator of the popular brands CoinToss and CornholeAce. David was the well-experienced graphic, web, and product designer who was responsible for bringing countless complex projects to life until leaving the company in 2017. Since then Brandon has been leading the company and its endeavors to expand the reach of BucketBall™ and the many other products of Tailgating Sports, LLC.

The Origin Of BucketBall™

In the summer of 2013, a group of our friends went down to Nags Head, NC for vacation. Since we carpooled and had very limited space in the car, we were unable to bring our surf boards, body boards, skim boards, or cornhole bags/boards with us. We were only able to fit a football into our car. Well after a few days of throwing the football, we got bored pretty quickly and wanted something else we could all play and have fun. So we went to the local beach stores to figure out if we could find something that we could all do.

At the beach store, we came across some beach buckets and tennis balls and all of a sudden we had the idea of playing an oversized game of beer pong. We went back to the beach, setup the game, and had an absolute blast. It seemed like every person that walked by continuously say: "What is that game?", "That game looks like a lot of fun!!!" ,"Where can I buy the game?", and "Can I play with you all?"

With all of the awesome comments and publicity we've received, we knew we were onto something. We went home and did some research and found there was no product like it on the market.  We knew we had to fix this so we so we named the game BucketBall™, created the BucketBall™ logo, and began optimizing the game. 

We first began developing our own bucket that didn't have a handle or a spout that would prevent the buckets from sitting flush with one another.  We then specified a material and wall thickness that would ensure the buckets are UV-resistant and have a high-impact strength.  Next, we developed a game ball that was the perfect size and weight that provided the best outdoor game playing experience.  Finally, we developed the custom tote bag which makes storing and transporting BucketBall convenient. 

We now offer inflatable racks that allow you to play BucketBall anywhere, even on water.  We also offer three different types of game balls that provide different game playing experiences.  There is not a single BucketBall product that isn't custom designed specifically for the game.  BucketBall was the first to market and has multiple pending patents and has multiple trademarks.  

BucketBall has been sold in all 50 states and in over 10 countries. Today, BucketBall continues to bring fun and excitement to peoples lives each and everyday. If you haven't already done so, come join the party!