How to Play Giant Beer Pong

BucketBall™ How to Play Giant Beer Pong

BucketBall™ is the ultimate beachside, poolside, backyard, tailgating, and outdoor Giant Beer Pong game and is easy to play too. So your probably wondering, how do I play the Giant Beer Pong game BucketBall? Well then this is the best place to learn how to play. First of all BucketBall can also be called Giant Beer Pong and as such is played much like the classic party game beer pong! Now onto the crux of this blog, How to Play Giant Beer Pong, well first check out this great video for an easy to follow guide on how to play. After you watch the video be sure to read the guide below for additional information on How to Play Giant Beer Pong, or more precisely BucketBall!

BucketBall Playing Equipment

First things first, in order to learn how to play the Giant Beer Pong game BucketBall, you need an Official BucketBall Game Set. An Official BucketBall Starter Pack comes with 12 BucketBall buckets, 2 game balls, 1 tote bag, and instructions.

 BucketBall Game Set - Beach EditionBucketBall Giant Beer Pong Edition Starter Pack

How to Set Up BucketBall Court Layout

BucketBall Court: A regulation sized BucketBall court will require an area of 8 feet wide by 40 feet long. The minimum vertical clearance required is 12 feet.

BucketBall Court Layout

BucketBall Court Layout

Teams: Teams consist of 1-2 players. Teammates play on the same side of the court.

Foul Line: The foul line is an imaginary line behind each set of buckets.

Tossing Zone: The tossing zone is the area behind each set of buckets where each team can toss their BucketBall game balls.

How to Play Giant Beer Pong

Once the BucketBall court and equipment have been set up properly, you can start playing.

Start of Game

Initial possession is determined by: shoot-off, coin flip, rock-paper-scissors, etc.


Each player on a team throws once, trying to throw the ball into the other team’s buckets. If a ball goes into a bucket, then the bucket is removed.

Re-Racks - Teams are allowed one re-rack per game. Here are a few re-rack examples:

BucketBall Re-Rack OptionsBucketBall Re-Rack Options 

How To Play Giant Beer Pong With The BucketBall™ Inflatable Rack


When using the inflatable rack the re-rack rule does not apply, instead the player(s) stack their buckets. This is done in order to make the game flow quicker when using the inflatable rack with all other game-play rules remaining the same. Using the stacking rule; after a ball lands in an opponent’s bucket, the receiving player(s) stack said bucket into one of the other, adjacent buckets in the rack. You can stack your buckets as high as possible so long as they are stacked with those adjacent to them. By stacking buckets players can block other buckets and/or make buckets harder to reach.


As soon as one team eliminates all of the other team’s buckets, they WIN!!! The losing team gets rebuttals as follows: one throw per player, one throw each with bring backs, each players throws until they miss. If the losing team makes all of the buckets, the game goes into overtime. If not, they lose and the game is over.

Three (3) buckets per side in triangular formation are used in overtime and the team that is winning gets to throw first. Overtime game play is the same as normal game play and the objective is to eliminate all of the other team’s buckets. 

How to Play Giant Beer Pong - BucketBall™ Instructions

Each BucketBall Game Set comes with Quick Start How to Play Giant Beer Pong Instructions. You can click on each image below to view the instructions, or you can click the link to download the instructions:

BucketBall Quick Start How to Play Instructions (click to download)

BucketBall Quick Start How to Play Instructions Page 1BucketBall Quick Start How to Play Instructions Page 2