BucketBall™ - Game Ball Pack


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No longer do you have to worry about not having options for game balls to play with at the party, the tailgate, or even on the water because now you can get the whole shebang with the BucketBall - Game Ball Pack. This package comes with a set of every ball in BucketBalls arsenal of fun!

Package Includes:

  • 2 BucketBall™ - Hybrid Game Balls
    • Excellent bounce and durability
    • A great fit in the hand for ease of handling and play
    • Waterproof and can float
    • Best for players who want a challenging experience
  • 2 BucketBall™ - Bucket Pong™ Balls
    • Decent bounce and great durability
    • Perfect ratio size for BucketBall - Giant Beer Pong™ Edition buckets as compared to a ping pong ball and a red solo cup
    • Waterproof and can float
    • Best for players who want a beer pong like playing experience
  • 2 BucketBall™ - Tailgate Game Balls
    • Doesn't bounce or roll away from you while using it
    • Perfectly sized and weighted for ease of handling and play
    • Provides the least difficult game playing experience (great for beginners)

BucketBall Videos

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