BucketBall™ - Hybrid Game Balls (2 Pack)


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Includes 2 BucketBall™ Hybrid Game (Bucket Pong™ Balls and Tailgate Balls are SOLD SEPARATELY)

A hybrid of the functionality of a tennis ball and the smooth texture of a pong ball. This ball, which comes standard with all BucketBall™ - Beach Edition Game Sets is great for Professional or Casual play with its vibrant yellow color and smooth texture for ease of handling. These balls are extra bouncy which makes game play more challenging while providing the play playing condition at the beach or out on the water. These game balls are waterproof and will float on water. We do not recommend using these game balls when playing BucketBall™ on hard/flat surfaces. If you plan on playing BucketBall™ on hard/flat surfaces, we recommend using our BucketBall™ Tailgate Balls (SOLD SEPARATELY).

  • These BucketBall™ Hybrid Game Balls are the official game balls for professional play.
  • They provide the most challenging game playing experience.
  • They are the perfect size and weight for optimal game play in both normal and windy conditions.
  • These hybrid game balls are waterproof and will float on water.
  • Best for players looking for the most challenging BucketBall™ playing experience.


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