BucketBall™ - Inflatable Rack Set


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Includes 1 BucketBall™ Inflatable Rack Set (2 Inflatable Racks) with Party Duffel Bag

    Play BucketBall™ Anywhere!

    With a new take on how to play BucketBall™, we bring you the BucketBall™ Inflatable Rack Set! This sleek unique product is great for allowing ease of BucketBall™ play in any environment, from the beach to the tailgate and even on the water!

    The BucketBall™ Inflatable Rack is made from a heavy duty, environmentally friendly and UV resistant vinyl. Quick and easy to set up, simply blow into either the rapid inflate/deflate port or the unique back-flow prevention technology port located on the bottom of your rack to inflate. Each bucket slot is designed to keep your BucketBall™ buckets securely in place in the rack with a snug fit. The three straps located on bottom allow for anchoring when out on the water. The BucketBall™ Inflatable Rack Set is a great new accessory for your BucketBall™ experience.

    The BucketBall™ Inflatable Rack is PATENT PENDING

      NOTE: Buckets and Game Balls not included