BucketBall - Team Color Edition - Party Pack (Pink/Purple)


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BucketBall™ is the ultimate beach, poolside, backyard, camping, tailgating and outdoor game family and friends love playing.

The Team Color Edition allows you to choose the bucket colors you desire to represent your team, business, event, etc.

The BucketBall™ - Team Color Edition - Party Pack (Pink/Purple) Includes:

  • 12 Ultra-Durable BucketBall™ Buckets
    • (6 Pink Buckets & 6 Purple Buckets)
  • 2 BucketBall Inflatable Racks
  • 2 BucketBall™ Hybrid Game Balls
  • 2 BucketBall Bucket Pong Balls
  • 2 BucketBall Tailgate Game Balls
  • BucketBall™ Duffel Bag
  • BucketBall™ Instructions

Our BucketBall™ Team Color Edition Party Pack includes all 3 types of game balls and our exclusive inflatable rack set. Our inflatable rack set allows you to play BucketBall anywhere without having to fill the buckets with water, sand, or some weighted object. They securely hold BucketBall buckets in place during game play and prevent them from knocking over. They even allow you to play BucketBall on water! It has a rapid inflate/deflate valve on the bottom so you can easily inflate the racks within seconds without the need for a pump. The bottom of the racks include 3 securing tabs that allow you to secure the racks to the ground with a garden stake (not included) or secure the racks with a rope and anchor (not included) when playing on water. Our Party Pack also includes our 3 game balls: Hybrid Balls, Bucket Pong Balls, and Tailgate Balls. Each provide different game play experiences and different levels of difficulty. The entire set weighs less than 11 pounds and fits into our convenient and easy to carry duffel bag (see pictures).

Exclusive Game Balls:

The different game balls provide different game play experiences and different levels of difficulty. Our Hybrid Balls are perfect for playing at the beach or when filling the buckets with water. They are extra bouncy, will float on water, and are our most challenging game balls. Our Bucket Pong Balls provide a beer pong like game play experience. They are the same ball to bucket size ratio as compared to a red solo cup and a ping pong ball. These also float on water and provide an intermediate game play experience. Our Tailgate Balls are perfect for playing on flat/hard surfaces. They do not bounce or roll far making them perfect for use at tailgates, camping, indoors, outdoors and other events. Since they do not bounce, these balls are great for beginners as well. In addition, these balls allow you to play without filling the buckets with water, sand or some weighted object.


The BucketBall™ Inflatable Rack Set is PATENT PENDING

We also offer a BucketBall™ - Team Color Edition - Combo Pack (Pink/Purple)